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Starting in 2024, The Montgomery County Fair will start transitioning to an amazing program called FairEntry. We will be able to accept ALL entries fair-wide through an online registration system. This system will allow for a seamless Check-In Process, quicker results entry and so much more!


For 2024, only Livestock & 4-H Projects will REQUIRE Online Registration.
All other Fair related events or contests will be available and highly encouraged
to enter online, and likely move to required in 2025. 

You can find our FairEntry website at

Please see the help documents below. Should you need additional help, you can reach out to Chasity via email at or Call/Text her at 573-694-6054 between 8am-7pm.

Video Help Links:

A 2-minute video discussing how to log in to FairEntry with 4-H Online:
FairEntry QV 4HOnline Login on Vimeo

A 3-minute video that demonstrates the entry process for families:
FairEntry QV How to Register with FairEntry! on Vimeo

Step-by-Step Written Direction Links:

How to Guide for 4-H & Livestock Exhibitors:

How to Guide for ALL Other Fair Exhibitors:

Tips For Exhibitors.jpg
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